Super Premium Oven Baked Pet Food

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 At Flint River Ranch we are committed to providing you, our valued clients, and your pets the highest standard of excellence in product quality, palatability, and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on making only the very best, all-natural pet foods using the finest ingredients available – exceeding the nutrient guidelines established by the AAFCO.

When one has a pet they are like a member of the family. They greet one when they arrive home, sympathize when one is ill, play when one is happy and, in general, become a person's best friend. As such, one wants to treat them in the best possible way as well as provide them with a healthy lifestyle. One way to do this is to provide them with the best nutritional choices such as flint river ranch dog food.

This dog food is unusual in that it has been especially designed with the health of one's pet in mind. All of the ingredients are natural with specially graded meats, vegetables, wholesome grains, minerals, and vitamins. In addition, there are a number of varieties that can be selected according to the dog's age and tastes.

No chemical preservatives, artificial color, or flavor is added which makes it a top notch product. Preserving a pet's health with the correct kind of food will save one many trips to a vet for bad reactions to some foods. If a pet has not been doing well with ordinary dog food, one will see a great improvement after being switched to this specially designed food.

The meat used in this product is especially selected and is ground to remove any excess water before being processed. As a result, they are considered human-quality. The chicken is certified as hormone and antibiotic-free during crucial periods of growth. Lamb is imported from New Zealand and the fish comes, not only from the ocean, but fish farms as well. These high quality meets provide building blocks, amino acids, proteins, Omega 3, and vitamins A & D to provide the very best for promoting the health of one's pet.

Grains used include flax, wheat, and rice which are provided by American suppliers who are engaged in this business. They are all certified to be free of any harmful ingredients. They provide the needed fatty acids and dietary fiber required in a good diet. Corn, however, is not included as it is difficult for them to digest.

The minerals and vitamins in this dog food have many natural tendencies such as aiding digestion, speeding healing, reducing stress, and in many other ways. This dog food is concentrated; therefore, much less is required for feeding. It is a food that the animal will enjoy while, at the same time, will provide a contribution to an all over healthy body and mind.

Our top-of-the-line dog and cat foods are carefully formulated keeping your pets' health and happiness in mind. Each unique formula provides the perfect combination of human-grade meats, wholesome grains, garden fresh vegetables and herbs plus a superior blend of vitamins and minerals.

Our unique process.

The innovative oven-baked process along with the special preparation used to create our natural line of food products insures your household companions will receive a satisfying, tasty and nutritionally complete meal every time they are fed. For the optimum in flavor and healthy benefits we have several different varieties to choose from; beginning with the early sta

Our products are...

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • 100% Nutritionally Dense
  • 100% Nutritionally Balanced
  • 100% Naturally Preserved
  • 100% Product Guaranteed
  • 100% American Owned and Operated

Here's what our products don't have...

  • Cheap proteins or By-products
  • Dangerous Chemical Preservatives
  • Useless Artificial Colors
  • Ethoxyquin, BHA OR BHT
  • Artificial Flavoring Masking A Pitiful Formula

Our Commitment to You
Here at the "Ranch" we are committed to providing you and your family's beloved pets the highest standard of excellence in product quality, palatability, and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on making only the very best, natural pet foods using the freshest & finest ingredients available – exceeding the nutrient guidelines established by the AAFCO in the process and helping your pets to holistically maintain optimum health! ges of your dog and
cats development to their senior years. So you will...Feel Good About What You Feed"!

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